We still have a hard time believing the transformation of our dogs. We have 2 rescues who were very well behaved with everything other than interacting with the outside world. They had leash aggression issues and didn’t like strangers in our house. It was a very stressful task to walk them or have company over. However, working with Robert for a very short amount of time totally changed our dogs. Walking them is now FUN! Fun for us and fun for them. I remember thinking we could never take them off leash and now they are off leash all the time. Even at crowded events. Its just not an issue anymore. They also now accept visitors to our house which is a huge relief. This is some of the best money and time we have ever spent. Plus, the continuing education classes on Saturdays are a wonderful way to continue working with your dogs and practicing. Robert is wonderful with dogs – he makes the training fun for you and for them. We can’t recommend him highly enough. We wish we had done this program years ago.

We used the board-and-train program at Durham Dog Wizard and I can honestly say I never believed my dog could be so well trained! We had done basic dog training before this program, and my one year old Basenji mix was great indoors.  The problem was that as soon as we went outside, we would basically stop existing as far as she was concerned. With almost no attention span, a stubborn streak, and a bad tendency to pull really hard on her leash, taking her on walks was an exhausting ordeal and sometimes even dangerous when she’d escape her harness. Robert took her for two weeks and we got back an amazing, well-behaved puppy who can sit still in the presence of squirrels (this is HUGE for her–squirrels are her kryptonite) and actually listen while outside. He did a wonderful job training her, and took great care of her in the two weeks she was with him. My pup has so much more freedom to explore and play when we’re on walks because I know she will respond when I call her. She heels beautifully (without a leash!), comes when called, and is generally much more pleasant to hang out with outdoors.  Now I look forward to going on walks with her instead of dreading them, and feel comfortable taking her out in public with me, knowing she’ll behave herself. Robert’s training has opened up a whole new level of companionship that I can have with my dog, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I will definitely be recommending this service to my friends with dogs!!

When we first decided to adopt Oli from the Humane Society, we knew our little Carolina Dog/American Dingo had a sweet, submissive personality. We also knew we had some work to do. She was smart, wanted to please, and knew several tricks, but had no “manners” when walking on-leash. She showed high anxiety in unfamiliar places, around other people and completely lacked impulse control with every deer, rabbit and squirrel she saw. Most dramatically, Oli turned into Cujo when she saw another dog even at a distance. With some online research, a book or two, and a bit of patience, we trained Oli to walk nicely on-leash within about 3-4 months of having her in our home, and managed a lot of her impulse-control issues. We made a lot of progress—but we hit a plateau with Oli’s dog-aversion issues. She was simply unruly around other dogs. We decided we needed help and began the search for a trainer, and we had Oli nearly a year before we found Robert, the Durham Dog Wizard. We can’t say it was easy, but after six months we now have a dog that we trust both on- and off-leash, and miraculously she can meet and interact with other dogs politely. Most importantly, we can say without question that Oli is a happier dog—she’s less anxious, plays a lot more, and is calmer overall. Finding Robert helped us enjoy the playful, outdoorsy life we envisioned having with our dog. Oli’s a great dog, and we’re so grateful Robert continues to help us bring out the best of her personality. Our only regret is that we didn’t  have Robert’s guidance from the very beginning.

I feel blessed to have Robert in our lives, because without him we would have probably given up on our wonderful adopted Aussie (Tao) a long time ago. I called the Dog Wizard almost in tears about our new 1 year old Aussie that we adopted into a household of 2 other Aussies. I have lived for 8 years with a reactive Aussie (Suede) and hoped that our new guy would be the opposite. Instead, he quickly picked up Suede’s poor manners and started fighting with her. Tao also misbehaved with other dogs, which isolated the interactions and environments I exposed him to. I was devastated and tried multiple trainers until I found Robert. After our initial consultation, Robert made us feel confident that Tao and Suede could be rehabilitated. His calm and confident demeanor made us feel at ease and hopeful that we could have a happier future with our dogs. Once the dogs came back from training they were doing so much better. We haven’t had any fights between them and Tao can now meet other dogs, including visits to dog parks, without misbehaving. Tao is a much calmer and happier dog. It is a wonderful feeling to walk all three dogs off leash and have complete control. The best part of the training program with Robert is the ongoing sessions that are included in the training. Robert made huge improvements with my dogs, but I must continue the rehabilitation and training to ensure Suede and Tao are successful. Robert is amazing at working with my schedule to work on follow-up issues and ensuring that our continued training is on the right track.