About a year ago I rescued a large 100lb Labradoodle. He turned out to be very well behaved inside the house, great on the leash, well great on the leash until we saw another dog. He became a different dog, forgetting I was in charge, and aggressive towards the other dogs. I had been through other training methods, but they just weren’t working. I didn’t want to give up on my newly adopted dog, but knew having such a large canine was a liability and a nightmare for both of us. I decided to call the Professional-The Dog Wizard, Robert. Robert stepped in and transformed my dog and my relationship with walking him in the great outdoors. Most importantly, I have gained the confidence in my ability to handle my dog. Robert’s support goes beyond the ‘classroom’ and if issues arise Robert is their to give you ideas to make your relationship a continued success! If you need help, don’t give up on your dog call Robert The Dog Wizard!