A couple of months ago our 1 ½-year-old Standard Poodle, Fender, who is a great dog in pretty much every other way, had become so unruly on a leash that we dreaded going for walks. We’d met with trainers and had been to puppy classes with him when he was younger, but he just became progressively worse on a leash and very excitable when he met other dogs, usually jumping five feet in the air, barking and lunging at them.We looked into different training options in the area and decided on Durham Dog Wizard based on the online recommendations and results we saw in videos of dogs Robert had worked with. Robert explained to my husband, Kevin, and me that Fender needs not only physical exercise but a lot of mental stimulation, too. He showed us how to take him on walks and give him “jobs” to do to keep him busy so that seeing other dogs doesn’t trigger overexcitement. Now when we go on walks Fender gets to run full tilt off leash in the park when there’s no one else around, follow our commands to “sit,” “place,” “down” for mental exercise and as a result gets a real and satisfying workout. Now he’s more tired than we are after a walk which is a welcomed change. Fender is a much happier dog now and we have the confidence to take him into social situations we would not have three months ago.  Thanks for the freedom you’ve given all of us, Robert!