Robert was referred to me from an agility trainer I was going to with my dog. I was frustrated because I had tried other trainers to deal with (what I thought) was dog aggression issues. Robert is calm, assertive, honest, patient and confident with both the owner and the dog. He came to my home several times, met in parks, answered emails and talked on the phone. He truly showed concern for both of us. He helped me understand I’m more the issue than my dog was. For a year and a half I could not bring Ande around other dogs. Ande has come a long way since we started training with Robert. We now we attend regular group classes with no issues or fear of him being aggressive. Robert has helped Ande to respect other dogs space, taught him manners in approaching other dogs and has helped me to be more confident with Ande.  I would recommend Robert for any concerns or issues you may be having with your dog. He is awesome!