I had no idea what to do when I got my first puppy in August 2012, but luckily Robert was able to teach me everything. My puppy Hank immediately liked Robert and his dog (Hank… believe me, it was confusing at first) and responded really well to the training style. Hank didn’t have any aggression issues or anything like that, so we were really able to focus specifically on the training and socializing aspects of things. In 3 months of training, Hank was finally off leash dependable! I was amazed that he could learn so fast. Robert came to my place once a week to work on things with Hank, and to give me instructions (It’s just as much for the owner as the dog). I would recommend Robert and the Durham Dog Wizard to anyone looking for a complete transformation in their dog. He made it fun and doable. I had a great experience.