When I first got Max, my Jack Russell, I thought I could do this all on my own. After Max turned from a young pup to an adult male, and began lunging at every dog on the sidewalk, magically escaping from his leash and running away, and becoming extremely possessive of “his” things, I knew I was wrong. I was unhappy and Max had fewer chances to go outside to be a dog because I was afraid of what he’d do. Max was stubborn and resolute. Robert taught me how to get through to Max and show him how he’d have more fun if he actually listened to me. Max couldn’t walk on a leash properly before. Now I walk him without a leash. He’s a natural-born hunter but, now, instead of losing Max forever as he chases a squirrel into the woods, he looks to me before I let him run off and always comes back when called. While visiting family for the holidays, my family was shocked to see this new version of Max. Robert helped me actually get closer to Max. Robert showed me how to convey to Max what I want. Max has thrived on that structure. Because I now have the ability to communicate correct behavior with Max, I can take him places I was originally afraid to go before–I don’t have to leave him home every time I go somewhere. What means the most to me is Max is still HAPPY while also following directions. I really do owe all of these improvements to Robert and “Hank”.